9 thoughts on “Pop My Culture

  1. Hey you! (Long Post)
    I don’t why I do this but.. But I always worry about what I say… I never want to hurt someone with my words. Words are so powerful.. Wether they are written or Spoken.

    I hope I didn’t make it sound in my comment to you today that I was thinking you need saving. I know you don’t…I know you are solid as a rock..

    Please tell me if you want me to delete by comment… I would never want to hurt someone or cross boundires with my words…

    Christian..I like you.. I like your writing.. I feel a connection with your words. When I read your posts.. I know what you were feeling back then. I was lost then too.. If you only knew..
    I admire you for posting them. I do..

    Oh my! Been thinking of posting some of my struggles back then but it is something that I still struggle with. I don’t know how others would view it . Most people’s jaws drop..
    But I’m good now : )
    With that being said, I admire you for posting…and it has got me thinking about posting about my stuff..
    Gulp!!! Maybe..

    Go Hawks!! Saw your Twitter account post ; )

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    1. Hey! Don’t even worry about that. I’m rarely offended by anything, and believe me…I’ll say something if I am. I like that you enjoy my writing cause I enjoy yours and you have some great insights into life. I know I don’t need saving as much as I need a little help. You reading and commenting is helping me, so thanks for that.

      Go Birds!

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    2. Whew.. Thanks for the reassurance…
      It was needed today ❤️
      Thank you for the sweet kind words to me too… Those were needed too.. ❤️

      Russell Wilson better win this ; )
      Ha! I love football! : )

      Oh! I haven’t told anyone else about a post I’m going to post in the next few days.. But since I like you I’ll tell you!

      It’s about my ex husband (my oldest son’s father) and my sister who are married now… Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??????
      She is the one who I write about when I write about someone breaking my heart.
      She is the worst heartbreak I’ve ever had.
      I love and miss her.. But I’ve learned you can love someone from afar… ; )

      So watch for it : )

      How do make me divulge info???
      You have magical powers! 😉

      Have a great Sunday ! : )


    3. Wow. That is a heavy burden to deal with. I apologize that you had to go through that. I also am sorry it took me three days to write you back. A long time ago my best friend and my best girl got together for like 6 years. I left NJ because of it. He wasn’t my brother, but be was the closest thing. Thats a tough pill to swallow, but you are dealing with it beautifully.

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    4. Christian,
      Sorry, you had to deal with such heart break. It’s a feeling I’ve never been able to explain. I am sure you know the emotions but not the words I’m speaking of. Thank you for the kind words about how I’m handling it. I hope I am… At least for my kiddos sake. I want to be a good example to them : )
      I’m alone the next few days! Yay Me! I’m hoping to finish my post about it. I feel I need to write it and release it. My ADD is not helping me.. : )
      So me and Kid Rock are hanging tonight : )
      I like those coo-coo crazy guys ; )

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    5. Swear… A bit ago I realized the Eagles are playing the Cowboys. I thought wait.. No..
      No.. It’s the Seahawks… Ummm, as you know I was wrong.
      My buddies weren’t very understanding as I probably would give them the same crazy crap they gave me … I don’t know why I figured it. Maybe, I’m a dork.. Maybe I’m Choo-Choo for Cocoa Puffs.. I just know I’m exhausted..

      Swear.. Please delete my comment…
      I will never again.. Embarrass myself again… I will just take a backseat and nod..

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  2. Christian,
    Ummmmm, well, thank you for making me feel great about my “Coo-Coo” comment.
    You have a way about your writing where you can tell me I’m being uncool… But you make me think I’m still the coolest!
    Spill.. You are wicked good 😉

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