That Time I Avoided Getting A DUI

I have been drinking alcohol a lot lately. Pretty much every day after work and on my days off I enjoy one or two or sometimes three or four alcoholic drinks. Within the last week, I have started to notice some negative repercussions and have come to the realization that I need to take a break, at least for a few days because even though I DO love to drink, I love myself a little more to know when to take it easy.

I started drinking late in my life. When I was 27 and living in L.A. I found out that the way to socialize with friends and the way to date women and get to know them was to be able to share a drink here and there and chat about life. It worked for a little bit, until that one time when I went out to dinner with an older woman, and she ended up having to drive me back to her apartment until I could sober up and drive myself home because I had reached my limit of three glasses of wine, which is now just another Tuesday night.

How embarrassing was that?  Needless to say my low tolerance and adolescent behavior when I was drunk was probably a turn off and led to less dates until the point when she eventually decided to stop seeing me. Years went by and I was able to get a hold on my social drinking and since then I have been very conscientious about it, have built up my tolerance, and haven’t made any dumb decisions when I was drunk…..well, maybe just a few last year and earlier this month, but for the most part I’m a fun drunk to be around.

Fast forward to the last month or so, I’ve been going through a somewhat difficult time. My job is stressful, my gf and I love to drink when we go out, and my cat has gotten really sick and I can tell that the end is near for her. I would start drinking before work at lunch and then go into work and just feel kind of shitty once I became less inebriated. All these personal issues and this alcoholic diet has started to make me moody, lazy, a little bit dramatic, and has left me feeling a lot less productive. In the past week I have noticed my tongue has been coated every day, my appetite has almost disappeared, and my apartment has been a mess. These are not good things to have happen, and I can’t continue this way.

But what really woke me up was when this happened yesterday afternoon.  I had had a few drinks on my patio, but wanted to go out to this video store on Roosevelt to rent a movie.  (Yes, there are a few video stores left in Seattle surprisingly)  I got into my car and started driving but hadn’t gotten very far when I realized I had left my wallet at home.  I turned the car around and headed back to my apartment, ran upstairs and grabbed my ID and on my way back down to the car a conversation from the night before popped into my head.  All I remember thinking was how we were talking about how someone almost got a DUI, otherwise known as a “duey” I just kept hearing the phrase “don’t get a duey” in my head. The words stopped me in my tracks in the hallway on the way back down to my car, and I decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea if I drove anywhere including to this video store, so  I parked my car back in my spot and went upstairs.  I think it’s the most responsible decision I have made in awhile.

Look, I enjoy drinking alcohol, but I’m not an alcoholic. I don’t get mean, or am unable to live my life, or allow it to have a negative effect on me, but waking up three times in the middle of the night in a cold sweat all last week has led me to believe that my body is trying to tell me to take it easy for a little bit, and I have to listen to what it’s telling me, just like I listened to that voice inside my head yesterday afternoon.

I’m starting a three day cleanse today, however I won’t be drinking a gross concoction of honey, cayenne pepper and water any time soon. I just want to take the next three days off from alcohol and get myself back into a healthy lifestyle of working out, eating right, and going into work with the idea of being there to make money and not let the shit get to me.

Even though I am off today, I still feel like it’s a good time to start. My Monday included a diet of a four cheese pizza, and about four Manhattans, just to even out the numbers, but by the time I avoided a possible DUI,  I ended up sobering up, taking a Melatonin at 9:45 last night, and slept until 7am this morning. I think I needed it. I know I need to take some time off from the bottle, so here I am. I’m going to try and post something everyday for the next three days so

A. I can feel like I’m being held responsible for my life, and

B. I know that I’m not going through it alone.

Today I woke up, made coffee, and cleaned my entire apartment. I’m going to work out, go see a movie, and eat something healthy for lunch, and when I come back to my place and I see how nice it looks, I can only hope that it will motivate me to be as clean and alcohol free on the inside, as it is on the outside. Day one starts now.

15 thoughts on “That Time I Avoided Getting A DUI

  1. Scarecrow Video, I’m assuming, a favorite. I knew the original owner. And bravo for the steps you are taking. I’m here for support any time you need it. Not sure what that looks like, but at the very least I’ll be checking in on your blog. 😊

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    1. Thanks Em. I just know my limits and I reached them early last week. Sometimes it takes an almost catastrophe to make me realize something. I always know what the right thing is to do. Be well, and thanks for your support.

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    2. Their original store was on Latona and 65th, one block from where I grew up. I was one of their first customers, but being the 80s, I was only able to rent up to PG13. 😉

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