Guest Writing My Blog (The Hollywood Goodbye)

Written by @missrosanne

First off, I am not a professional writer by any means. Having said that…. why, would you ask am I guest writing a blog? I have been thinking of a proper way to say goodbye to my Hollywood dwelling, beverage slinging, TV show writing` friend Christian. You all know him well as The Complainer of an Art Form, or the guy that is Always a Groomsman but Never the Groom.

We met behind the Elvis bar at the Wiltern Theater.  Our boss thought we would make a perfect couple, but as it turns out, I just ended up cock-blocking you for 2 years at work, & all you got were Simpsons quotes, laughter, some general advice, and a few nights where we drove back from San Bernadino, or burned a bowl of green.  😉

No, but really we are just a couple of Italians who transplanted themselves to Los Angeles where our friendship grew over a mutual love for film, pop culture, and a cynical sarcastic outlook on the desperate, needy entitled Hollywood thought process they call a lifestyle.

L.A. is a great place to meet fair-weather friends and go on dates with people whom you will never see again, but the time has come for you to leave this nepotistic, passive- aggressive over-priced lackluster city of love and move on to greener pastures.

I have no doubt you will succeed greatly once you are the big fish in a smaller pond.  I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future, and this is not goodbye….. forever.

Rather these are my efforts to show you through your medium of expression just how much of an impact you had on my life the last few years. I will miss our endless movie quotes, our uncensored conversations about the opposite sex, eating, smoking, drinking, eating, and yes of course, more eating.

Without you, there is one less laugh in Hollywood tonight, and to that I say…

“You’re part eggplant.”

-Rosanne Sabella Sollecito



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