111 Ways to Die (#11 – #20)

This is how it all begins…(or ends)  The choice is up to you!  Remember to VOTE for your Faves!

Your Choices How to DIE This Week Are:

11.  Finally being able to afford a trip to Mexico when a tumultuous Hurricane Harry hits the shore and drives a palm tree branch through your chest while you are sipping a Mai Tai on the beach.

12.  Going down in an airplane next to your mother in law, while sitting next to a newborn who has been crying the WHOLE time, an old woman with terrible gas, and one guy who is trying to tell everyone on the plane to “stay calm”

13.  Getting into a time machine and going back to watch the Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan show, only to accidentally transport yourself into the middle of Vietnam right before the area you land in gets nuked by the United States just like that scene in Forrest Gump.

14.  Having a truck fall off an overpass onto the freeway, smashing the car you are in while you were late on your way to work, and being forced to listen to the ridiculous immigration stories of your Armenian Uber driver.

15.  Walking down to get the mail, opening a letter, getting a paper cut,  but pulling out a check for a million dollars.  You celebrate, then read a note inside that says this letter was laced with arsenic which immediately gets absorbed into your skin through the papercut and you die a few hours later when you go to cash the check, which you find out was a fake.

16.  Strapping filet mignon, porterhouse, and flank steak to your body then being thrown out of a car into an alley full of ravenous junkyard dogs who eat you alive.

17.  Being force fed beets through your mouth until you cannot eat anymore, then being force fed beets through your butt until it comes out your mouth then being left to starve to death, unless of course you want to eat those beets.  (I obviously have an issue with beets)

18.  Having to sit through a two hour conversation with your Russian neighbor, while his non English speaking wife repeatedly stabs you with an ice pick and pours top shelf vodka into your wounds. Death by Ketel One.

19.  Having to attend an entire U2 concert.

20.  Catching a foul ball during the World Series, then being interviewed by the local media when ANOTHER foul ball comes straight at you and hits you in the head causing you to die on live television.

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(#21-#30 Ways to DIE: December 15th, 2015!)

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13 thoughts on “111 Ways to Die (#11 – #20)

  1. I like beets… And U2.
    But I don’t like when junkyard dogs sink their teeth into my flesh and pull it from my bones . I also don’t like when crazy Russian women stab me with an ice pick and pour the vodka on my wounds instead of mercifully giving me at least a shot of it. Great post, Christian

    Liked by 2 people

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