It’s My Life (Don’t You Forget)


Every now and then I would write a few random facts about myself, coupled with my opinions on pretty much everything that either bothered me, or made me smile. This is one of those posts.  I think I named it after that No Doubt song that was really a Madonna cover song that happened to be playing in the 7-11 the morning I wrote this.

(Originally posted August 24th, 2004)

It’s My Life (Don’t You Forget)

I’m a glutton for good food and fine wine. I have no fucking money. I lived in three states within one year, and I lived in the extreme rain of Seattle six months before I moved to the barren desert of Las Vegas. I can’t go a day without coffee. I love my cat and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I’d rather not go out when there’s good TV on inside. I try my best not to spend my ca$h on food, when I’d rather splurge it on cds. I have no particular taste in music, except for the requirement that it be good. I don’t care whether it’s cool to wear Adidas 3 stripe pants or not, I do it cause they’re comfortable.

I rarely answer my phone unless it’s my agent or someone I want to talk to. I stood at the top of the biggest canyon in the world, and I sat at the bottom of the largest mountain in Washington state. I like peanut butter and banana sanwiches, and no, I’m not Elvis Presley. I think MTV is a crock of shit, but sometimes it’s good as background noise. I’ve never really been outside the continental United States….yet.

I think that when the time is right, things happen as they’re meant to. I also believe that the time is always right, and everything is perfect just the way it is.

Who the hell are all these hipsters anyway?

I think the phrase “y’all” is kinda cute and funny when used intermittently. My tattoo didn’t scab this time, it just flaked off like some of the people I’ve met in Los Angeles. I go to sleep before 1am, and I sometimes am guilty of judging people who sleep past 2pm.

I play tennis twice a week and I’m getting pretty good. I have gone on countless auditions this summer, even though most other actors find them to be “few and far between.” I can barely afford to live here in L.A. but I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

I dated a few hotties, I made out with a few more, but I’ve found that only a couple of them are  real people I’d even consider as friends. I met a wonderful woman this past summer and we’re going to New York in less than a week. I find insecurity unattractive, but understandable in small doses. I used to be intimidated by taller women with a few years on me, but I’ve gotten over that slice of modesty with a mouse.

I don’t think Miami is anything special, unless you’re a college frat boy or a saucy sorority chick on spring break. I sat next to Taryn Manning last week and realized that she could easily be from Florida, as she seemed unaware that a Margarita pizza didn’t have any marinara sauce on it.

I have no patience for the meek of mind, or the cold of heart. What I do have is a great outlook on my life, and not one expectation for anyone or anything to show up.

I’m just happy being here right now.


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