I started blogging way back in 2004. There was this little site called, and it had a blog tab that I used a lot.  This was after I started writing in a journal, and before I started blogging on WordPress.  I was in my late twenties, going on my early thirties, and just like now, I had a lot to say.  I was young, new to Los Angeles, and full of inspiration and motivation to “make it” as an actor.  Yes, that is an actual screenshot from my old page.

Since then, I’ve woken up in my late thirties going on my early forties, and I have more to say now than I did ten years ago. I’ve realized that I like acting, but my passion is writing.  It comes easy to me, and I love to do it.  All I need is for someone to pay me for it, and I think life will  turn out alright.

These are some selections from a time in my life when I was really coming into my own as a writer. Hope you enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “*starduster

  1. MySpace was the place to be (on) back in the day. I remember posting on my profile ramblings that only made sense to me.
    I was so insecure posting them…
    Looking back those are some of my favorite writings.
    Hope you will post some of your “old school” writings : )

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